Welcome to Nunawading Basketball Development Programs!

Basketball is 'Everyone's Game' and whilst there are some that strive to excel from a very early age, there are plenty more that enjoy the game because it is a fun, social way to interact with friends and people with similar interests. Whatever your motivation, Nunawading Basketball wants to create an environment that keeps you and your children on the court for longer.

Did you know that basketball is one of the highest participation team sports in Australia? With approximately 1.2million registered players nationwide, almost half of that here in Victoria, we believe we're well resourced to best introduce you to our wonderful game.

Basketball provides skills that extend well beyond the court, our experienced coaches use the fundamentals of the game as a medium to teach these lifelong skills.

The Nunawading Basketball Head Start Program offers a variety of fundamental drills to help develop hand / eye coordination, fine motor skills, understanding and implementation of instruction, teamwork and of course, basketball!

Mixed groups, organised by age and ability
Lowered basketball rings for younger age groups to cater for strength and correct technique
All new players receive a player pack incl. reversible singlet, basketball and bag.

Tuesday 4:10pm -4:55pm
Wednesday 4:10pm-4:55pm
Sunday 1:30pm-2:30pm

$75 for new players, incl. player pack
$50 for all returning players


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