MEBA  Assist  - What we stand for:

A = Actively

S= Supporting

S= Social

I = Inclusion

S = Sports

T = Together

Melbourne East Basketball Association

Invites all players, families and carer’s to join the MEBA ASSIST basketball competition for players with an intellectual disability (ages 14-70).

Come and join the fun every Friday 7pm at SportLink (Vermont South).

Assisting you to Assist Basketball for all!


MEBA ASSIST Registration Form 2017
The cost each season (February - June 2017) will be $110.This will include payment for your singlet and weekly basketball costs.
The season will start on Friday, February 10th at Sportlink at 7pm.
For more information contact June O'Brien via email or call 9802 6711.

To access fixtures and results please follow the link below.

MEBA ASSIST Fixtures & Results

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