Nunawading Spectres Tournament

8th - 10th June 2019



Registrations into the 2019 Queen's Birthday Tournament is now closed.

Please be advised the fixture is now available. Teams withdrawing now will receive NO money back.

If you can see a problem please call Lyn 0401 156 204

To access fixtures and results please follow the link below.

Spectres Tournament - Stadium and Medical Directory

Check the venue information. This will be updated with more courts if we exceed our expected number of entries this year. All venues are within 30 minute travel distance from Nunawading Stadium.


Nunawading Spectres Junior Basketball Tournament
Abridged Tournament Rules 2017

(A full set of rules is available at each venue)

1. Under age as at 31st December in the year the Tournament is held – Club Representative to verify ages of Club Entries.

2. Players are restricted to playing in one (1) age group only. The Tournament Committee shall in exceptional circumstances waive this condition if prior approval is applied for.

3. Any number of players may be nominated to represent a Club in a particular team but only ten (10) players are able to play in any one game. .As per VJBL rules Under 18 competition may have twelve (12) players who are able to play in any one game. If more than 10 names (12 for Under 18 only) are listed on the score sheet then those not playing need to be crossed out.

As per rule 13: In all minor games, a player who takes the court must be signed in on the scoresheet by marking ‘X  in the ‘ player in ‘ column.

4. Players must play in at least three minor round games to qualify for Semi and Grand Finals. The Tournament Committee shall in exceptional circumstances waive this condition if prior approval is applied for.

5. TEAM QUALIFICATION - The Tournament Committee may limit participants in teams in a particular competition to non - championship players, or players who have gained exemption. Any player who is selected for the Melbourne Classic is not permitted to play in these competitions, playing of an undeclared championship player or disapproved player shall lead to forfeit of games concerned..

6. Grand finals can be played on the Monday up to a 3.00 PM finish and no team will qualify for a semi-final if they are unable to play in the Grand Final. Please note you need to allow at least one & half hours prior to departure check in for any interstate flights after completion of the game and presentations.


Three points will be given for a win, two for a draw, one for a loss, and none for a forfeit. Forfeit score will be 20-0.

For minor games and lead up Finals, the clock shall only stop during the last two minutes of the second half and this will be for all whistles.  

NO time outs are allowed in the last three minutes of the first half.

Time outs are allowed during the last two minutes of the second half at which time the clock will stop.

All minor games AND semi finals shall have two eighteen minute halves. Half time interval will be 2 minutes and time outs shall be of 1 minute duration maximum.

Each team is allowed 1 time out per half for minor games and 2 time outs per half for finals.

Grand Finals, shall have two twenty minute halves and the clock will stop for all time outs. As well, during the last two minutes of the second half, the clock will stop for all whistles.

Three points will be given for a win, two for a draw, one for a loss, and zero for a forfeit.

Draws will be recognized in all minor rounds.

Finals - If scores are level at the end of the game, an extra 3 minutes will be played after a one minute break, to achieve a result. All fouls stand. 1 time out for each team is allowed. Clock will stop for all whistles in the last minute.

Any subsequent extra periods will follow the same rule to achieve a result.
If two teams finish on equal points then the results of the games played against each other ie. the win / loss record will decide their positions. (Head to Head)  as per normal VJBL rules
Where three or more teams finish on equal points their order shall be determined by the "For and Against" percentage of the games played between the teams concerned
If two of the three teams finish on equal percentage, then the result of the games played against each other ie. the win / loss record will decide their positions.

In a competition of 8 or more teams, where teams do not all play each other, the order will be determined by points first then overall percentage. If teams affected have played each other their order shall be determined by the "For and Against" percentage of the games played between the teams concerned. Where three or more teams finish on equal points and any have not played each other then percentage overall will be used.
In the case of disputes, the matter will be referred to the Disputes Chairperson.


During Grand Finals, the clock will stop for all time outs. As well, during the last two minutes of the second half, the clock will stop for all whistles.

Each team is allowed 2 time outs per half.

11. Except where specified, all matches will normally be played under current F.I.B.A. Rules.
The size 6 ball will be used for all Girls/Womens games and under 10, 12, 14 boys teams

12.There is NO 24 second shot clock for any games.

13. In all minor games, a player who takes the court must be signed in on the scoresheet by marking ‘X  in the ‘ player in ‘ column.

14. The first half shall begin with a jumpball. In all other jumpball situations, possession shall be given to the team as indicated by the possession arrow.

15. All teams shall have a principal colour singlet and an alternate, both sets of colours must be described on the application form and be available for use at the tournament. The priority of use shall be that the first named  (home team) in a game in the fixture shall be entitled to wear their principal singlets.

16. The Tournament Disputes Committee will adjudicate all disputes. These may be reported by referees, coaches or club officials. A "Protest Form" is available from the "Tournament Operations Centre" Nunawading Stadium, and must be lodged with the "Centre" immediately and accompanied by $50.00 bond fully refundable provided the matter is not deemed trivial.

First Aid and/or medical treatment will be the responsibility of the individual concerned and/or the individuals parent/guardian or team supervisor.
The nearest hospital to each stadium will be displayed at each stadium.

Where the request that an Ambulance is needed to take a player to hospital, the club the player is playing for will be responsible for any ambulance and hospital costs associated with treatment etc.

18. All Stadiums used during this Tournament have a rule of "No swinging on rings or nets" and imposes an immediate ban from the stadium and immediate disqualification from all stadiums for the remainder of the Tournament.

19. Playing numbers 00 – 99 are accepted.

20. SCORING  Home team ( 1st named) will usually do the clock and Away team will do the sheet. Scorers can work this out between themselves but if a dispute arises, this rule will enforced.

21. ZONE DEFENCE - UNDER 11, 12, 14 GAMES – Zone defence is discouraged in Under 11, 12 and 14 games. Teams should use ‘ man to man ‘ defence throughout  the games except where shown in the Under 11 Mercy Rule.

22. MERCY RULE  ALL UNDER 11 GAMES – IF HELD - The Mercy Rule will apply when a team has a 15 points lead. It is compelled to use zone defense within the three-point lines.



Contact Name:

Lyn Payet

Email Address:

Phone number:

0401 156 204

Postal Address:

Melbourne East Basketball Association
PO Box 6183
Vermont South, VIC 3133



What competition should I put my team in?

With over 600 teams expected to enter, we take great care to ensure the grading is as accurate as we can get.

We have used the following information to help you decide which division to select. Sections are subject to change depending on the number of entries. You may choose to challenge your team and request a grade outside these suggestions. These examples are just a guide. The more information we receive on entry forms, the easier the grading is to sort out. Indicate in the ' notes' section of the entry if your team will be missing players for the tournament or looking for a challenge or losing every game during the season as an example.

- A grade - suits VC, high VJL 1, SA Div 1, NSW Div 1

- A Reserve grade - suits Lower VJL 1, SA Div 1, NSW Div 1 and Qld Div 1

- B1 grade - suits VJL 2, high VJL 3, high SA Div 2 and will be sorted into various pools depending on the amount of entries

- B2 grade - suits VJL 3, VJL 4, NSW Div 2 and SA Div 2

- B3 grade --suits VJL 5 and high VJL6 teams (formerly East 1, North 1) and will be sorted into various pools depending on the amount of entries

- C grade - will be sorted into C1,2,3 and 4 grades and various pools depending on the amount and grade of entries suits VJL 6 - 10, SA & NSW Div 3 and lower as well as lower grade domestic teams.

Under 11 –This competition is designed for players new to basketball.  Suits only very young development or low skilled domestic players - not currently playing rep or very lowest grade with no wins.

VJL is the same as the old Metro grading that was used by Basketball Victoria for many years so VJL1 and sometimes VJL2 would usually be top age players not up to the highest level.

VJL 3 & 4 typically are bottom age players unless the skill level wasn't there.

VJL 5-10 is the same as last year’s Victoria Junior Basketball League East and North / West divisions - usually for kids with lower skills - could be top or bottom age - would usually be compared to B / C grade in domestic or lower as the VJL numbers go down.


If you require more information please call Lyn Payet Tournament Director on 0401 156 204 (best on Wednesday, Thursday Friday anytime or after business hours on Monday and Tuesday) or email

How much is stadium entry?
Your team has paid an entry fee for the tournament and that fee covers the cost of the stadium entry for everyone. You can bring Grandma, Grandpa or any one your want too and it will not cost you a cent for them to get in. You could help us by purchasing a raffle ticket but that's only if you want to. It's not compulsory.

Our team may make Classic, what should I do?
Teams who have also entered for the Classic are invited to enter our tournament as a backstop (don’t forget to inform us in the notes if you are potentially plaing in the Classic). We understand that quite often airfares and accommodation have been booked in the hope of Classic selection. For those teams who do not make it we offer a very high level competition as an alternative.

## Classic Entries ONLY - Please fill in the entry form and return with no payment, marking the entry ‘entered in Classic’ in the notes area. We work very closely with the Classic organizers and will not close those entries until final details are received from Basketball Victoria.

What time does the tournament end on the Monday?
Grand finals will conclude by 3pm on the Monday. Interstate teams booking flights should book an evening flight to allow enough time to get to the airport.

How many games does each team play?
We guarantee a minimum of 5 games but most teams usually play at least 6 or 7.

When are the games played?
The tournament commences on the Saturday at 8:00am and concludes each night at 10:30pm. Semi Finals if required commence on the Sunday night or early Monday morning followed by Grand Finals on Monday.

I am a referee and would like to referee in the tournament, who should I contact?
We are always on the look-out for refs and interstate refs who may be coming over with family members. Just send us an email and the Referee Supervisor will follow up.

I'm registering a player into the system but it's different to what I'm used too. Is there any help?
Yes, Basketball Australia are now rolling out the National Database. We are first to trial the program. Instructions on how to register via email sign on are available. . We strongly recommended instead of the team manager registering all players into the team each parent should register their child.

We are only a domestic club, can we enter the tournament?
Yes you can. Any teams that meet the age criteria may enter.

When will the fixture be released?
There are 600+ teams conmpeting. To get it right we need time. It is a very large complex process which is not easy. Please do not hassle us, you will only be delaying its release. We anticipate to have the fixture available by 5:00pm Wednesday prior to the event. If it is any earlier we will contact you, if it is any later we will let you know.

I need to register an extra/my player, but didn’t receive a link. How do I do this?

When the team is registered the team manager receives a confirmation email starting with the subject title ’Registration details for Nunawading Spectres Tournament’. The email contains a link which can be forwarded to you and used to register the player to the team.

The following link can be used by players to individually register themselves into the team for the tournament. During the registration process player’s will also be required to enter the team’s code which the team manager would have received during the registration process.

What is the age criteria?
Players are eligible to play in an "Under Age" grade provided they do not turn that age in 2019.

I need to withdraw my team from the tournament and have paid my team entry. Do I receive a refund?
You will receive a full refund minus the SportsTG payment gateway fee if you withdraw your team before the closing date. However if you withdraw your team after the closing date we will only return 50% of your team entry fee. If you withdraw your team from the competition after June 1 there will be no refund. When requesting a refund please be sure to send us an email with your team name, grade, your name and your bank account details so we can promptly send the money back to you.


Accelerate Warriors - Orange Hills Hornets - Dark Green Penrith Panthers - Black/Teal
Altona Gators - Purple Hobart Chargers  - Light Blue Port Stars United - Black
Armidale Lions - White Hornsby Spiders - White/Green QLD - Maroon
Ashwood Wolves - Dark Green Hurricanes - Navy Ringwood - Green
Auckland Kiwis - Black and White Inner West Bulls - Black Rowville Rockets - Red
Australian Boomerangs - Green/Yellow Ivanhoe Darebin Knights - Royal Blue Sandringam - Orange
Batemans Bay Breakers - Teal Keilor Thunder - Black SEDA - White
Bendigo Braves - Royal Blue & Yellow Keysborough Cougars - Light Grey Sherbrooke - Yellow
Blackburn Vikings - Orange Kilsyth Cobras - Black South Adelaide - White
Blacktown Storm - Dark Purple/Gold Kingston Caviliers - Dark Green Southern Peninsula - Royal Blue
Brisbane Capitals - Blue Knox Raiders - Gold Southern Tigers - Black and Gold
Broadmeadows Broncos - Royal Blue Lakes Entrance Pelicans - Teal St Fidelis Kangaroos - Black/Red
Bulleen Boomers - Royal Blue & Yellow Latrobe Energy - Black/Orange St George - White
Burnie North West - Yellow Limestone Coast - Teal Sutherland Sharks - Sky Blue
Camberwell Dragons - Burgundy Maccabi - Light Blue Sutherland Sharks - Sky Blue
Cape Henry - Red Maffra Eagles - Red Sydney Comets - Gold
Casey Caviliers - Navy/Silver Manly Warringah - Maroon/White The Comets - Dark Grey/Black
Central District Lions - Royal Blue Marymede - Royal Blue The Hurricanes - Navy
Chelsea Gulls - Royal Blue McKinnon Cougars - Maroon The Rellis - Navy
Collingwood All-Stars - White Melbourne Magic - Navy TLS Lynx - Red
Corio Bay Stingrays - White Melbourne Tigers - Red Traralgon T-Birds - Maroon
Craigieburn Eagles - Brown/White Millicent Magic - Charcoal Grey Unknowns - Black
Craigieburn Killer Bees - Black/Yellow Moe Meteors - Blue/Yellow/Maroon Vermont Vultures - Black
Dandenong Rangers - Dark Green Mornington Breakers - Purple Vic Metro I.D. - Navy Blue
Darebin Giants - Light Blue Morwell Magic - Black VCCS - Navy
Devils - Black N/W TAS - Navy Blue Wagga Heat - Royal Blue
Diamond Valley Eagles - White - Red North Adelaide Rockets - White Warragul Warriors - Black
Doncaster - Dark Green North West Thunder - Navy Warrandyte - Maroon
Donvale Dunkers - Light Blue Northern Suburbs - Red Waverley Falcons - Bottle Green
Eastern Mavericks - Grey Northern Tas - Red Werribee Devils - Yellow
Eltham Wildcats - Red Norths Bears - Red West Adelaide Bearcats - Red
Flemington - Red Norwood Flames - Navy Blue Western Magic - White
Forestville Eagles - Royal Blue Nunawading Spectres - Royal Blue Western Port  - Yellow
Frankston Blues - Light Blue Oakleigh Warriors - Royal Blue Westgate Imperials - Red
Geelong Supercats- Navy Pakenham Warriors - Blue/Yellow Whittlesea Pacers - Black
Glebe Spirit - Lime Green/Black Parkdale - White/Teal Wonthaggi Coasters - Light Blue
Gold Coast Heat - Red Peninsula Bobcats AllStars - Navy/Orange Woodville Warriors - Dark Green
Hawthorn Magic - Royal Blue Peninsula Hot Shots - Navy

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